Washington Nationals Place Ryan Zimmerman on 10-Day IL With Plantar Fasciitis

On July 21st, the Washington Post reported that Washington Nationals first baseman, Ryan Zimmerman, had to exit a game against the Atlanta Braves due to pain in his right heel.  This may have been a sigh of relief to some Braves fans due to Zimmerman’s impressive record, but the fact that he has already missed two months of the season due to Plantar Fasciitis does not fare well for the Nationals.

Patrick Semansky/AP

Patrick Semansky/AP

Now, what is Plantar Fasciitis? It is, simply, inflammation of the plantar fascia, which supports the bones and muscles of the foot. When the muscles connecting to this fascia become tight, the fascia will subsequently tighten, causing small tears which then lead to chronic inflammation and pain. Scar tissue eventually forms within the fascia, furthering this cycle.

While there are treatments for PF such as injection therapy and surgical release, a therapy that has become increasingly popular due to its success is Graston Therapy. GT breaks up scar tissue, relieves tightness, and promotes a positive immune response in the body. It can also stimulate new, healthy cell growth. GT is quick, non-invasive, and will get you back into the game faster.

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