5 Celebrities Obsessed With Cupping

If you’ve read my blog post, ‘Cupping Therapy Benefits,’ you have learned that cupping is a form of muscle pain release used by many different health practitioners. Although most people are familiar with cupping in a sports related setting for recovery, athletes aren’t the only ones getting in on this highly effective treatment. Michael Phelps is pretty much the spokesperson for cupping in the USA, but check out these celebs who have also dabbled in cupping therapy, and the conditions they have used it for!

  1. Kim Kardashian: What else would Mrs. West use cupping therapy for other than anti-aging? Kim uses facial cupping to reduce inflammation, increase blood flow, and decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  2. Jennifer Aniston: She LITERALLY doesn’t age, but Jen is leaving the facial cupping to Kim. Jennifer has been spotted (no pun intended) using cupping for tightness and tension in her upper back. She did, however, make a rookie cupping mistake when she tried to cover up her marks with concealer (this never works). Wear those cupping marks with pride!

  3. Jessica Simpson: A very pregnant Jessica Simpson recently took to Instagram asking her followers for advice on how to treat her EXTREMELY swollen (and painful) feet and ankles. Shortly thereafter she posted pictures of her feet during and after a cupping therapy session, and the results were phenomenal! Jess was able to reduce swelling and increase lymph drainage with one cupping session, and was showing off her “skankles,” or skinny ankles, in no time!

  4. Justin Bieber: All of you “Beliebers” out there know that Justin has had a tumultuous relationship with substances, but he is on the straightened arrow now, after a period of intensive detox for both mind and body. Justin incorporated cupping into his treatment for the purpose of tissue detox, because cupping draws toxins from the soft tissue for your body to excrete. Keep on the clean path, Justin!

  5. Kaley Cuoco: Even though Kaley did not disclose to fans and followers the reason for her session, the Big Bang Theory star recently tweeted that she “jumped on the cupping bandwagon,” and she most definitely liked it! It is not secret that Kaley is an avid equestrian, so it may be reasonable to speculate that she has used cupping therapy for muscle soreness and recovery.