Holiday Health: Part Three

Can you believe we’ve reached the end of our ‘Holiday Health’ series? I’ve really enjoyed sharing my 6 ways to stay on track during the holidays with you all, and hope that these final 2 tips help you stay prepared. The final two are probably the easiest to implement because you don’t do them alone. You’re around family, so why not include them in these simple ‘healthy’ ideas?

  • After Dinner Walks: One of my favorite things to do after eating a big meal is to go for a walk (one of the reasons I love to walk to places around town for lunch and dinner)! It’s easy to fall into the post Thanksgiving food coma, and usually that leads to more mindless grazing. Getting up and going for a walk after dinner will get your blood flowing and help with digestion, and it’s a great way to burn a few more calories while recapping the day with your family!

  • After Dinner Games: This is another great way to keep the blood pumping and enjoy your family and friends! We usually go for a walk after dinner, have some dessert, and then sit around the fireplace for some games and laughs. Pictionary and charades are active and will keep you moving, but I also love a solid game of Uno or Scrabble!

The best part about the above is that no one has to know that these tips will keep you healthy. You can just disguise them as a way to stay close and enjoy family time. So what’s stopping you? Get moving and enjoy the holidays with your family…just don’t let that holiday fluff get cha!

Jessica Duncan Propes