Freeze Sleeve

At Home Cold Therapy

Icing is an extremely important part of the healing process when it comes to soft tissue injuries, so don’t prolong your healing time due to inconvenience!

Get at home cryotherpay and compression therapy in one! The Freeze Sleeve makes it easy to ice on the go, all with the benefits of 360 degrees of compression coverage. Just slip the sleeve and you’re on your way to relieving pain and reducing inflammation!

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Mobility, Stretching, and Range of Motion

Professional athletes and weekend warriors alike understand the importance of mobility in remaining injury free, but life is hectic, and sometimes its hard to find the time and inspiration for a solid stretching routine.

ROMWOD makes it easy and affordable to fit mobility into your routine, all at your convenience. Daily mobility sessions (short sessions between 9-13 minutes, full sessions around 20 minutes) are available on the ROMWOD website, which you can access from your phone or lap top 24 hours a day. Each session is guided by a guest athlete, and no prior experience is needed to participate!

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Jade Harvest Hemp CBD Products

Everyday Stress Management

New research is indicating that the regular use of CBD supports overall health, specifically helping with anxiety and stress reduction, sleep improvement, and recovery following rigorous exercise and physical activity.

Jade Harvest Hemp is a full spectrum CBD product, meaning the whole plant is used, and is free of GMO’s, Parabens, Phthalates, and artificial coloring and flavors . Their products are Paleo, Vegan, and Ketogenic friendly, and the bottles are specifically constructed for UV protection, preserving the quality of the oil.

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Best Wellness NYC-Vita Pain

Natural Anti-Inflammatory and Pain Relief

The Best Wellness NYC company uses all natural, plant-based, and cruelty free ingredients to formulate products to help relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Over the counter pain relievers are taxing on your body’s digestive system and are not intended to be taken for extended periods of time, so switching to a product that will actually help your body heal instead of covering up your symptoms is definitely recommended!

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Defiance Fuel

Ultra-Hydrating Water Delivery System Technology

According to the Centers for Disease Control, hydration is one of the most important indicators of and contributors to overall cell health. When we are young children, our skin and organs contain an abundant supply of water. Not only is the water content high, it is also highly mobile and has an abundance of clustered, highly mobile H2O molecules. However, as we age, the mobility of the cell water dramatically slows.

The suggested ideal ratio of water in a cell system is 60/40: 60% on the inside of the cell (intracellular water or ICW) and 40% outside (extracellular water or ECW). In adults, total water weight averages optimally 60% of the body weight.

In a young healthy child, water is 70% of the body weight, with a 60/40 ratio of ICW to ECW, and the dominant water type is active (clustered H2O molecules). In an average middle-aged adult, the total body moisture content drops to 50% total body water, a ratio of 50/50 intracellular moisture to extracellular moisture, and the water is far more bound or less mobile. Tightly bound water does little to assist in nutrient delivery or waste removal through the cell membrane. By the time we have reached the age of 65, the average total body water is 45% of body weight or lower, with a ratio of 40/60 intracellular moisture to extracellular moisture and very little active water.

When intracellular hydration levels are low and water mobility is compromised, the structure and function of proteins, enzymes and even DNA can be radically affected. Visit the office today and try your first bottle of Defiance Fuel, and feel the difference of REAL hydration!

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juice plus 1.png

Juice Plus+

With the hectic nature of today's world, most of us want to make healthier choices concerning diet, exercise, and health care, but finding the time to actually make these choices is another story! 

Juice Plus+ can help you and your loved ones get one step closer to the healthy lifestyle you desire by providing you with a readily available source of essential vitamins, phytonutrients, and antioxidants. 

Juice Plus+ capsules were introduced in 1993, when most scientists and health professionals were only beginning to understand the importance of whole food nutrition. Juice Plus+ is not a substitute for eating fruits and vegetables. Juice Plus+ is not a medicine, treatment, or multivitamin. Juice Plus+ can help support a healthy diet by offering a much wider variety of naturally occurring vitamins – along with other antioxidants and phytonutrients found in fruits and vegetables – than traditional vitamin supplements.


The Doctor's Take 

"Over the last few years my passion for health and nutrition prompted me to do a little more research into the real value of raw fruits and vegetables. I came across the documentary, Fat Sick & Nearly Dead, and headed directly to the store to purchase a juicer. After my body adjusted to the juice regiment, I LOVED how I felt! I had increased energy, I slept better, I felt more invigorated in the morning, and I just felt "healthier" overall. What I did not love was slaving over the juicer on a daily basis. Juice Plus+ has given me the opportunity to reap the same benefits of fresh, homemade juice, without the hassle!"