Cupping Therapy Benefits

Made popular in the United States in 2016 by Olympic athlete Michael Phelps, cupping therapy is an ancient form of Eastern medicine that may date all the way back to 1,550 B.C. During a treatment session, cups made of various materials are placed on the body to create suction over the skin. There are two types of cupping, both wet and dry, dry being the most widely practiced type of cupping amongst athletes for healing and recovery.


While cupping is said to help with a variety of disorders including infertility, high blood pressure, anxiety, and depression, in my office I primarily use cupping therapy as a form of myofascial release for muscle recovery and wellness. The suction created by cupping therapy will release muscle spasm, increase blood flow, reduce pain, and break up adhesions between the muscle and fascia.

During a cupping therapy session at Well Adjusted Buckhead, we will discuss what areas of the body you are interested in cupping and why, and we will also discuss your medical history to make sure that cupping is a safe and effective treatment for you. Once we have decided on which areas to start with, a petroleum based ointment will be places on the skin to make the experience more comfortable, and the cups will be placed over it a pressure that is comfortable for you. The cups will remain on the skin anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes depending on your comfort level, tissue condition, and whether or not this is your first time doing cupping therapy.

Once you are familiar with cupping therapy, you may be introduced to dynamic cupping therapy in which the cups are moved over the skin instead of remaining static, or cupping therapy with active range of motion to improve joint mobility and reduce pain.