Instagram 25k Giveaway

Say what now? Did I really just type that I have 25,000 followers on Instagram? How AMAZING! I’m super happy knowing that I have a following of 25k motivated individuals. Because I’m thankful to all of you, I wanted to do a giveaway as my way of saying ‘thank you.’ What kind of giveaway, you ask? I’m going to share all of my favorite items in a gift bag for one of my lucky followers! Yup, I know, crazy! Are you ready to find out what’s in the bag and how you can win? Let’s do this!

The Doc’s Recovery Kit

  1. At Home Cryotherapy - Freeze Sleeve

  2. Jade Harvest Hemp - CBD Oil

  3. Vitapain - Natural Pain Relief

  4. Defiance Fuel - Bottled Water

  5. Well Adjusted Buckhead Ice Packs

In order to win the above Kit, you have to be signed up to our email list and follow us on Instagram! How simple is that? You get some of Dr. Jess’ faves just by doing those 2 very simple things. We’re so excited to share these products with someone. Winner will be chosen and announced on October 8, 2018. Good luck, everyone!

****Entries will be closed on Friday, October 12 at 11:59pm ET.****

Jessica Duncan Propes