Acute Lower Back Pain: 6 Ways to Relieve It

As a chiropractor, lower back pain is a subject I touch on constantly, but I want to take it one step further this time. As many of you know, I have back problems of my own. It’s actually how I got into chiropractic, and I strongly believe this personal experience helps me give the best care possible to my patients. I like to keep things completely transparent, so if you’re interested in learning about my personal treatment routine when I am going through an episode of serious lower back pain, I invite you to follow along!


A little back story: I have admittedly not been the best patient lately, because life happens. I haven’t been drinking enough water, taking adequate rest days, or doing core work. I have also been slacking in the mobility department, and I have not been getting adjusted regularly (GASP.) So when my lower back decided to lock up on me at a CrossFit competition this past weekend, I honestly wasn’t surprised! That being said, through education and experience, I have found what works for me in this situation. I want to share it with you step by step!

How To Relieve Lower Back Pain:

  1. GRAB THAT ICE PACK: I immediately grab my ice pack for a 10-15 minute session, and do this 3-5 times a day for the following few days. Remember to NEVER place the ice pack directly on your skin.

  2. WALK IT OFF: Ignore the instinct to lay on the couch. Movement will keep you from completely locking up. If you are an athlete, modify your workouts to something low impact like walking, stationary bike, swimming, or body weight exercises.

  3. HYDRATE: Your muscles need water to flush out toxins, contract and relax properly. Dehydration will amplify your pain levels.

  4. ADEQUATE REST: Your body recovers and repairs while you are sleeping, so aim for 7-8 hours (sleep with a pillow underneath or between your knees for comfort).

  5. MOBILIZE: This is my favorite routine to relax and decompress my low back: Supine knee to chest, supine twist, sphinx pose, child’s pose, and malasana pose.

  6. GET ADJUSTED: Correcting misalignments and addressing muscle spasm is CRUCIAL.

Jessica Duncan Propes