Holiday Health: Part One

I cannot believe it is that time of year again, I swear we were just celebrating Labor Day! This is easily my favorite time of year, I mean who doesn’t love the Holidays and the love/comfort food that comes with it? We’re going to make this into a 3-part series, because no one wants to read a novel for a blog post. So to start this off, here are my top 2 tips/tricks that I have to make sure you and your loved ones have a happy and healthy holiday.

Whether you are currently working towards any health or weight goals, or are just trying to maintain your current health status, these ideas will help you stay on track!

1. FAMILY WORKOUTS: My favorite way to start the day on Thanksgiving is with a family workout! It’s a great way to get everyone up and running for the day, and working out with a group is way more fun than going at it alone! This can be done whether you are at home or traveling, and it doesn’t have to be anything crazy, just get up and get that blood flowing! It will kick start your metabolism, and working out in the morning has been proven to give you more energy throughout the day. Need some ideas?

  • Go on a walk: Neighborhood walks are simple and easy to do, or if you’re traveling, get out and explore! You can add 30 second jogging intervals for a little more intensity and heart rate variations. If there’s a park along the way, stop and bust out some pushups! 5 sets of 5 should do the trick.

  • Hiking: If you are traveling you can plan ahead for a Thanksgiving hike! Most hotels can provide you with local trails, and provide you with maps upon your arrival. If you are local to Atlanta, my favorite trail spots are Roswell Mill (Vickery Creek), Sope Creek Trail, and of course, Stone Mountain! Check out ‘Atlanta Trails’ for more ideas!

  • Drop into a Crossfit Box: If you’re a crossfitter, do some research and find a box near your travel spot! Many boxes do family friendly workouts on Thanksgiving, so your non-crossfitting family members can come too! If you’re hosting family in town, talk to your coach or box owner ahead of time, and plan to bring the family along. It’s always fun to share your gym with family and friends!


2. HYDRATION: On a day that is notorious for food (and alcohol, for those of age, of course) consumption, hydration is KEY! Starting the day off with a cold glass of water will also help kick-start your metabolism, and staying hydrated throughout the day will also keep your appetite in check. Most people do not drink enough water, and may mistake hunger for thirst. Staying hydrated will also aid in digestion, and of course help you avoid a holiday hangover!

I really hope that these tips give you the jumpstart that you need to staying healthy while enjoying the holidays. The best part about the above workouts is that they are family friendly and all around fun. When I think about holidays, I think about family. What better way to enjoy your time with them, than by getting out and taking in the scenery through walks and workouts? Next week, I’ll be giving you 2 more tips that will surely keep you on track with your fitness goals throughout the holiday season. Until then, happy early holidays!

Jessica Duncan Propes