Holiday Health: Part Two

Last week, I gave you the first two ways that you can stay healthy during the holidays. Who said holiday fluff has to be a thing? You can very well indulge in all of the food, but still maintain healthy habits. Here are the next two tips to staying fit during the holiday months.

  • Healthy Snacks Throughout the Day: Some of us will be spending all day in the kitchen preparing a feast, so prep some healthy snacks to nibble on while cooking the night before!  One of my biggest weaknesses is grazing while cooking (it’s so good...I just want it NOW), so having these pre prepped options available will keep you satisfied and energized, and won’t kill your appetite before dinner! Here are a few of my favorite go tos:

    • Sliced veggies and hummus (Spice it up with a variety of veggies! Radishes, bell peppers, and zucchini are always good! A little avocado never hurt anyone either!)

    • Cucumber Sandwiches-these are ALWAYS a hit! Check out this recipe for a guide, but do me a favor and opt for greek yogurt cream cheese, and skip the mayo altogether! (Link to recipe is

    • Mixed Nuts (Unsalted): Throw your favorite nuts together in a bowl for a little crunch and some healthy fats! I love almonds, walnuts, and pistachios.

  • Eat a Small, Protein Rich Meal 30-60 Minutes Before Dinner: If you’re like me, there is no holding back when it comes to loading up my plate for Thanksgiving dinner! Something I have started doing to prevent myself from over indulging is having a small, protein rich snack shortly for dinner. This will curb your appetite just a little, and leave you feeling full and satisfied so you won’t be making 3-4 trips back to the kitchen! I usually just opt for a small protein shake!

The key to staying healthy and happy during the holidays seems to be snacking. It’s better than waiting all day and filling your plate up for that one meal. What snacks do you find help you stay satisfied during the day?

Jessica Duncan PropesComment